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I’m often asked about prices. I base my retainer and fees upon an hourly rate. Most family law cases are charged by the hour. Criminal cases may be charged by the hour or by a flat fee. Part of the reason I don’t charge for an initial consultation is so I can determine the proper amount for a retainer based on my estimate of the number of hours the case involves.

My rates are very reasonable given my experience. An attorney is of no use if you are unable to speak with them or get an appointment within a reasonable period of time. Weekend appointments or appointments in the early evening can be arranged. 

Sometimes a very serious felony case may involve a smaller retainer than a less serious case. This could be because the issues are more complex in the less serious case. 

Yes, I will work on a payment plan but I do charge a retainer in most cases.

Mediation is charged at a lower hourly rate than my rate as an attorney. Criminal law can either be charged by the hour or as a flat fee.

If time allows I can speak to your group about divorce or criminal law. I do not charge for this service unless travel outside of the Champaign County area is involved.

New Clients - Can usually get an appointment within 48 hours.