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Welcome to The Law Office of Scott Lerner

Telephone Numbers: (217) 607-2227, (217) 356-8381, Cell (217) 417-4403 

We are located in Champaign, Illinois and serve Champaign County and surrounding areas throughout Illinois.

We handle cases concerning: Family Law, Juvenile Law, Criminal Law (Felony and Misdemeanor), Traffic Law, DUI, Personal Injury and More 

I do understand people have to work and will try to work with your schedule when setting up appointments

When a person gets married they never intend to divorce.  No one ever intends to be charged with a crime.  Going to court and the consequences of your decisions in court can change your life and the lives of your loved ones forever. That is why you need an experienced guide. 

My name is Scott Lerner.  I have been practicing law since 1992.  I am a graduate of the University of Illinois College of Law at Urbana-Champaign.

The geographical scope of my practice includes East Central Illinois, including Champaign, Ford, Piatt, Vermilion, Douglas and Coles Counties.

My main areas of practice include but are not limited to family law and criminal defense law. 

I do not charge for an initial consultation. My prices are reasonable and I will work with people on payments. There will be some retainer in most cases. Let my experience help guide  you through this process. Yes, I am experienced but also affordable.

University of Illinois Students - Not only did I graduate law school from the University of Illinois but I was also born and raised in Champaign Illinois. Please feel free to contact me concerning your legal needs. 

Contact me: I make an effort to return calls quickly.

The Law Office of Scott Lerner
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Telephone: (217) 607-2227 / (217) 356-8381

If you need legal services contact me.  If you have any suggestions or comments about this website please let me know.   



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